You need a reliable roofing structure

Do you know how to protect your house? Make sure your house has the roof it deserves. Protect your house, call us!We understand the importance of well-executed and superior roofing.

We offer no obligation estimate

DNB Roofing Fairfax is a roofing company that serves Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area. If you have any questions regarding the condition of your roof, you can call us for a fair, no obligation estimate. We will assess the roof, provide you with the detailed report and give you the honest answer if you need our services or not. Whether you need to have the roof replaced or repaired, DNB Roofing Fairfax will make sure you are presented with the affordable solution that will best suit your needs.Our experts will go the extra mile and find the solution that is not only cost-effective but also energy-efficient. We are focused on delivering the final product that has structural integrity, durability, as well as the visual appeal.We have the knowledge, credentials and the experience to do the job in the fastest and best possible way.

We use modern technology and best materials on the market

When conducting the assessment our roofing experts use the latest technology that provides aerial images and the most accurate square footage reports of the roof. The Eagle View technology enables them to deliver you the fair and comprehensive estimate.What makes our company the most suitable for all your roofing needs is the fact we use only the best materials on the market and have knowledgeable and skilled staff. Our staff specializes in the following roof systems:

  • Synthetic Slate
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Cedar Shakes
  • Tile and Slate
  • Sheet Metal
  • Standing Seam and Flat Seam Metal
  • Thermoplastic Membrane (TPO)
  • Rubber Membrane (EPDM)

Expect more, get more, but pay less!

Our Company is one of the leading companies in the roofing business because we offer professionalism, efficiency, competitive prices and most importantly high-quality roofs. We also offer 24-hour emergency service. So call us today at (571)316-1530 and schedule your no obligation estimate. We can help you to have a roof over your head!